The Best Vietnamese Food

If you love spicy dishes, then the best Vietnamese food for you is the beef noodle soup Bun bo Hue, also known as the "underdog" of Pho. Its flavorful broth is rich with chunks of beef, oxtail, pig's knuckles, and congealed pig blood. Likewise, the fried rice dish Com Tam, which is a mixture of vegetables, grilled meat, and egg, is worth sampling. For the savory taste of Vietnamese cuisine, add some sliced cucumber and a dash of chili, and you've got yourself a winning dish.

For a quick, healthy lunch, a bowl of pho might be the best option. A spicy pho will leave you woozy, and you'll want a bowl of it to soak in. If you're a meat-eater, try a bowl of banh mi (fried rice and meat). Whether you prefer it mild or spicy, you'll enjoy these dishes. The best vietnamese food isn't complicated or expensive. It's a great choice for an afternoon snack or a quick lunch.

Another popular soup is pho. Made with chicken or beef broth, it's an excellent choice for a quick lunch. You can enjoy a bowl of pho as a meal on its own, or get a complete meal. A bowl of pho will provide you with all the flavor you're looking for. The noodle soups are delicious but don't forget to order a side of Chao to go with it.

A popular dish is bun bo hue, a broth with meat in it. It is a specialty of Hue and is similar to cha cuon. The famous Vietnamese sauce, nuoc cham, is made of lime juice, garlic, and fish. Although it can be spicy, it's usually mild. It's a great starter to start a Vietnamese meal. The chay is served with a small bowl of vegetables, chicken, and shrimp.

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